There's a Dating Site For "Beautiful People"

Are you a shallow, superficial person who is looking for another shallow, superficial person to date? If yes, we have the place for you — dating site This site accepts only the most attractive applicants, and many who have been rejected are still trying to find ways to join, The Daily Mail reports.

Membership to the site is only granted to those deemed beautiful enough to date by other members. Applicants’ photos are subjected to a peer voting system, and site members of the opposite sex have two days to vote the potential member hot or not. The site has rejected around 7.5 million applicants since its launch in 2003, voting no on four out of five members. But some who were denied entry aren’t taking no for an answer. Apparently, one in four of the rejected applicants apply again, and, according to managing director of the site Greg Hodge, its not unusual for someone to apply three to four times.

The Daily Mail recently published a piece on the transformative efforts some membership hopefuls put themselves through to gain access to the dating database. These makeovers included working out seven times a week, undergoing cosmetic surgery, making personal styling changes, and from what I can garner, gaining Photoshop abilities. Even though the people that The Daily Mail profiled all had the commonality of desiring a place in’s community, they all seemed to undergo these changes for much more significant reasons. Some were very overweight, one wanted to boost his confidence, and another cited her desire to “be somebody.”

However, is happy to take the credit for spurring positive change in potential member’s lives. Hodge told The Daily Mail, "Our members who transform themselves tell us how our rejection letter was the best thing that could have ever happened to them — and that we've positively enhanced their lives.”

But before you get all teary-eyed over goodwill of, note that they have proven themselves to be a truly awful community. In 2011, the site kicked out 5,000 members who gained weight over the holidays. Site founder Robert Hintze defended this decision, saying, “letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model.” So, to those people who underwent a drastic transformations and joined the site — be careful to not let yourself go, or you will be kicked out with the other fatties and uggos. And that would be a real travesty.

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