Starbucks Asks Customers to Leave Guns At Home Following Navy Yard Shooting

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The CEO of America’s caffeine fix, Howard Schultz, asked patrons today to not bring guns into Starbucks. He says he's tired of very public “Starbucks Appreciation Days” organized by pro-gun activists. His announcement comes in the wake of the Navy Yard shootings two days ago, the latest massacre resulting from gun violence.

That said, if people come to Starbucks with a gun in a holster, employees will not to ask you to leave. You’ll even get served “as we would serve anyone else,” Schultz told the New York Times . He’d just, you know, really rather you not do that. But honestly, if it’s frowned upon to pack a pistol while you pick up your latté, where can you carry a gun anymore? Here are some of the most controversial places you can pack heat.

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