Is There a Sequel to 'The Fault In Our Stars'? Let’s Put This Rumor to Rest Once and For All

Look, there are a few basic things most people understand about modern Hollywood at this point. One of those things, visible most weekends at the box office, is that studios will make a sequel out of practically anything that will make them money. And so it is that we really shouldn't be surprised by continued questions of if there will be a sequel to  The Fault In Our Stars . But we should squash those question like a bug — and, thankfully, TFIOS star Shailene Woodley seems to agree.

There's a pretty obvious reason The Fault In Our Stars does not lend itself to sequels despite its popularity: the stars of this movie have terminal cancer. The first movie sees (spoiler alert? Nah) the death of one of them, and a hypothetical second film would just entail watching the death of another. It's not something we need; in fact, any attempts to squeeze more tears out of that stone would fall squarely into the "tacky" category. Not everything should have a sequel. This particular one would be a little grotesque, and attempts to make it about people who aren't Hazel (her parents, for example, or even Isaac) would read a tad desperate. Some stories are best told in a two-hour time frame and then left to the imagination.

As Woodley put it in an interview with MTV:


John Green put the kibosh on a  TFIOS sequel a long time ago, but just in case there are any further rumors: NO.