Fake Food Hatanaka Is Selling Realistic Food Accessories — Can You Tell Them Apart From The Real Deal?

Fashion fads come and go often. One trend, however, seems to be sticking around: wearable fake food. For some reason, fashionistas everywhere have been dying for this, ever since Moschino made french fries handbags and phone cases. One Japanese company has taken the trend to a whole new level though. The website called "Fake Food Hatanaka" makes plastic replicas of actual food items and transforms them into the wackiest, weirdest accessories to date.

The jewelry — including headwear, belts, earrings, necklaces, and rings — is by the far the weirdest and craziest thing I've ever seen. The website is a culmination of traditional food items that look so insanely real, it's near impossible to tell they're actually fake! If you decide you don't want to wear them on your body, you can definitely use them for your own personal amusement and fool your friends.

So how good is your keen eye for style? See if you can tell the real food from these insanely good dinner impersonators.

Lime or Cocktail Ring?

Is this a juicy slice of lime to squeeze onto your salad, or a lime size cocktail ring?

Cocktail Ring!

Voila! It’s a ring!

Delicious Pizza or Pizza Pin?

Is that real prosciutto I spy?


This is some great looking stock pizza.

Image: koss13/Fotolia

French Fries or Fancy Earrings?

Fast food or jewelry?

Fancy Earrings!

So, so glad this is a thing.

Rice and Beans or Real Cool Headband?

Could this dinner go on your head?

Real Cool Headband!

Bam. It’s a headband. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Noodles Or Necklace?

Those celery can’t be real, right?


Looks like a great midnight snack.

Image: Brent Hofacker/Fotolia

Sizzling Bacon or Meat Covered Cuff?

Bacon wrapped wrist sounds nice.

Quiz: Are These Photos Of Real Food Or Jewelry? The Answer Will Shock You

Meat covered cuff — how Gaga-esque.

Raw Fish or Plastic Sushi Earrings?

Either way, your cat would be all over them.

Plastic Sushi Earrings!

So chic.

Chunk of Cheese or Cheesy Cuff?

Please let it be real.

Chunk of Cheese!

Ughh. I need this whole spread like, now.

Image: cook_inspire/Fotolia