The Accidental Best Way to Get Perfectly Subtle Eyeliner

Breaking, breaking! While washing off my makeup last night, I accidentally gave myself the greatest eyeliner ever. Being a democratic soul, I have decided to share my secret with you, as opposed to patenting it and making millions. You can thank me in selfies (hashtag your lashes will look amaaazing.)

Unlike our countries' best brain surgeons, I have a decidedly unsteady hand when performing delicate tasks like drawing circles, making card houses, and applying cat-eye eyeliner. In simpler terms: I just can't. My black eyeliner always looks a little wobbly, and I usually just stick to basics like mascara, pale eyeshadow, and glitter everywhere. Yesterday, however, I succeeded in doing a moderately successful cat eye, wore it around town with a feline-esque grin, and then came home to wash it off.

I always remove my makeup with olive oil (eco-friendly, skin-friendly, edible, and cheap), so after slathering the oil over my lids and wiping the makeup residue off, I looked in the mirror only to be confronted with... the best eyeliner of my life. Why did I have to make this discovery at 11 PM on a Tuesday? Why?

Removing most of the cat-eye left me with a very thin, very subtle, very straight line of black eyeliner right at my lash line. It didn't look like I was wearing eyeliner per se, it just looked like my lashes were extremely thick and my eyes were naturally ultra-defined. Since I was headed straight for bed, the world didn't get to experience the glory, but I'm hellbent on trying this technique again next time I want something striking but natural (aka every day of my life).

Join me:

1. Draw a big messy stroke of eyeliner on each eye. Uneven? Childlike? Wiggly? No worries. Just make sure to get as close to your lash line as possible. (My bathroom mirror is really scratched up, sorry.)

2. Wipe the eyeliner away with makeup remover. This is a great time to practice your Shakespearean tragedienne faces.

3. Admire the bit that's left along your lash line. Can you see it? Pretty cool, right?

4. Apply mascara, head out the door, and prepare the following line for inquiries (to be delivered in a Lady Macbeth accent): "Falsies? Never."