These Amazing Androgynous Looks From Fashion Bloggers Laugh at The Notion of the Gender Binary

When I hear the word "androgynous" I often think of women in "menswear." It's the acceptable, high-fashion way of playing with gender. Men dressing in clothes that we'd typically earmark for women, however, would be gross — who wants to be feminine? We're socialized to believe that feminine equals weak and superfluous. But masculinity is desirable, so it's fine for women and traditionally-feminine people to dress like enviable dudes.

As Bustle writer Justin Robert Thomas Smith wrote yesterday in his incredible piece about being a cis-man and wearing women's clothing, "The same system that keeps cis-women and trans-men struggling against double standards is the one that keeps us locked up all the same within the constructs of its gender duality, the one that leaves gender-queer people out of the loop completely."The reality is that there are so many other ways of playing with our notions of what gender is. There are so many possible representations. So many embodiments of the definition of androgyny: definitions that are neither specifically feminine nor masculine. These androgynous looks from fashion bloggers are some favorites of mine.

Image: BrklynBreed

by Jodie Layne

Tae Colorfully Suited Up

Brooklyn blogger and online shop owner Tae of blog Brklynbreed paired this periwinkle coat with pink stripes and a bright handmade bow tie from her online shop Brklyn Store.Image: Brklyn Breed

Perfect Wedding Look

This look features a sharp suit with eye-catching red lipstick and stunning gold jewelry. Image: Tumblr/Parlok


Instagrammer Ari Fitz looks super cute n’ casual in denim cutoffs, a backwards hat and a sweatshirt from androgynous line Veer.

Image: Instagram/itsarifitz

Andrew Chipman's Kilt

This almost all-black ensemble mixes a kilt and a snapback together for the perfect pop of color. What’s also brave is the bare legs with snow on the ground.Image: Andrew Chipman/pull teeth

Outerwear Game Strong

Blake of The Curvy Lesbian has some of the sharpest casual and formal outfits — and her trench here is completely covetable.

Image: The Curvy Lesbian

Sweatshirts and Collars

A casual sweatshirt with a collar sticking out is one of my favorite looks. And finishing it off with a slim-cut pant and a chunky boot is a sharp but casual touch.

Image: Orbs of Light

Blue Angel

Andre Judd is a complete dream in this bright monotone ensemble. That skirt! That clutch! The normcore Birks! We salute you.

Image: Avant Gardien

Silky and Sassy

Everything about this screams “modern golden girl” from the chain on the sunglasses to the printed silk onesie. Colorful and fun, yet still just a little sophisticated.

Image: Alok V/Lookbook

Jewel Tones

Perfectly tailored with an unexpected oxblood pant: so dapper.Image: Switch Teams

Layered Perfection

Instagrammer Nic keeps it casual but also on-point with this layered look. Those boots, though!

Image: Instagram/nic_at_nite

Lazy Sunday

Allison Graham proves you can still look damn good and be comfortable. These joggers are on-trend and with the help of some fun accessories, this outfit is an elevated version of a sweatsuit.

Image: Allison Graham