Dina Lohan is Writing a Memoir, Presumably a How-To Guide For Stage Moms Everywhere


Oh god, it's like Living Lohan all over again: Dina Lohan is writing a memoir. Mother to Lindsay, legendary stage-mom cautionary tale to all; this is gonna be interesting, y'all.

Yet to be titled, the Lohan-penned memoir has been purchased by Birdstreet Books, Inc. Given Lohan's storied history of trying to rip down any bad-mouthing-Lohan stories posted to the Internet, the memoir will probably not be the tell-all we all kind of wish it would be.

Instead, we can reportedly expect tales of the "shattered dreams, incredible disappointments and comebacks" of the Lohan clan. According to the publisher's statement to E! News:

So. Yeah. What exactly that more "truthful" representation will entail is yet to be seen, but apparently ...

The headline-hungriness of the press surrounding the Lohans is undeniable (heck, this article is proof enough of that), but we have to wonder how nuanced and multi-layered a book by the woman who agreed to Living Lohan could possibly be.