On The 'Pretty Little Liars' Christmas Special, Hanna And Spencer Had Some Major Lipstick Moments — Here's How To Get Their Looks

Are you over the Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special yet? I'm not, and I don't think I will be for a while. So much happened, and besides all the new details, clues, etc that we unearthed Tuesday night, it was a spot-on Christmas episode all around, with just the perfect balance of 'A' shenanigans (real talk; that scene with the knife was flat-out terrifying), holiday cheer (how perfect was Ezra's present to Aria?), bittersweetness (Hanna's Mona flashback was a little bit heartbreaking, no?), and, last but not least, epic lipsticks: So let's find us some drugstore dupes!

All four PLLs usually have their makeup game on point (Emily's master of the smoky eye, and Aria's the queen of the statement lip), and this episode's Ice Ball really gave them a chance to shine. I was particularly a fan of the looks Spencer and Hanna were rocking: Hanna was wearing a bubblegum pink lip (which was kind of perfect with her white lace gown and characteristically high-impact black eyeliner), and Spencer was breaking the mold with a dark purple lipstick. Usually, for holiday, you're thinking deep berry, red, or nude — but I'm loving bright, bright pink, and dark, dark purple as an alternative! And here's the best part: You can pick up easy dupes of their lip color that'll set you back less than $10.

Spencer's look:

The color in question here is Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Va Va Violet:"

You can pick it up at Target for $7.99, and it's awesomely dramatic. You need to layer it a bit for full coverage, but what a shade, eh? I never quite knew how to wear it before, but thanks to Ms. Hastings I now know all I need is a ice blue column gown and a tendril-y updo.

Hanna's look:

First off, sorry it's so dark! Ironically, that was the best lighting I could get ahold of as the sun quickly sank below the horizon — my other alternative was fluorescents, so I figured why not pay homage to the perpetually night-cloaked Rosewood?

Anyway, I love bubblegum pink, and have a shameful amount of lipsticks dedicated to the cause. For Hanna's look, the best of my personal collection was Rimmel Lip Lacquer in Nova:

It's a really gorgeous shade, and it wears better than you'd expect (sometimes, it's touch and go with the hybrid products). It also happens to be super pigmented, and it fades to a lovely stain.

If you're more straightforward with your products and want to stick with the basics, Maybelline Vivids in Pink Pop is another great bet.

So, there you have it: Pretty Little Liar lip fabulosity from the drugstore aisle. Time to go hit up that BOGO at Rite Aid, eh?

Images: IMDb; Rosie Narasaki; Courtesy Brand