Solange continues to be magnificent in new video

Thank you, Vice and The Creators Project for allowing the beauty that is Solange's new music video to come into our lives. The talented singer, songwriter, fashionista (and yes, sister to Beyoncé) has just released a new video for "Lovers in The Parking Lot" with the help of The Creators Project and it is nothing short of fantastic. But those who are familiar with this musical goddess already knew that was coming.

The video takes Solange back to her hometown of Houston, Texas, where she dances through desolate, seemingly abandoned malls and shops. The concept of the video, which basically unleashes some pure, unadulterated Solange on viewers, was her creation. While The Creators Project was involved in the production, Solange was a part of every piece of the "video from the treatment and concept to the art direction and final edit."

The result is four minutes of the singer's signature style of dance, which is likely rehearsed, but feels organic. Unlike the choreographed dances of pop queens like Katy Perry and Britney Spears, Solange's performances always appear as music in motion — as if she's so moved by the melody and beats that she cannot contain herself for even a moment.

Her movement never appears as an enticement, filtered through the male gaze that guides most music videos, yet Solange is undoubtedly sexy. It's refreshing and even — dare I say it — more progressive than the videos that come out of Camp Beyoncé.

Let's see more of this in music; please and thank you.