Taylor Swift Wears Paddington Bear Outfit, And Her Response To All The Critics Proves Why She’s The Best

Taylor Swift just schooled us all in the art of shutting it down and responding to her fashion critics, all with one single Instagram post. Taylor Swift wore a Paddington Bear-style outfit out in New York City recently. Her yellow peacoat and a slouchy red knit beanie immediately sparked Swift-as-Paddington comments all over the Internet. Swift showed off her in-on-the-joke sense of humor by sharing a split image of herself and of Paddington in their lemony toppers and tomato red hats, asking, "Who wore it better?" Swift nodded that it was obvs Paddington who won this style war.

Taylor Swift, 1. The rest of the Internet? 0.

Seriously, while Swift often said that she doesn't read her own press or Google Alerts, some stuff does penetrate the filter. And she took it to task in the cutest way... ever!

That said, I am going to disagree with Swift. While Paddington's yellow coat and floppy red cap are iconic, Swift's modern, feminine version is totally wearable — Swifties should absolutely copy it. Her skinnies tucked into tall, burgundy boots are completely classic, too.

Instead of getting all self-righteous and defending herself and her choices, Swift beat the media at its own game by making the comparison and conceding the fashion win to a fictional bear.

So why I don't necessarily believe that she ignores her press, her response was flawless. Swift could have ignored it altogether and the world would have continued to spin on its axis, but where's the fun in that?

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram (1)