Hunnam Needs Bodyguards for the Silliest Reason

Fifty Shades of Grey hasn't even started filming yet, but Universal is apparently already worried that those CRAAAAAAZY fans of the series will attack their sweet, innocent, perfect little leading man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal hired some extra security to protect Charlie Hunnam during the recent Sons of Anarchy premiere in LA, because obviously people who are into a book about S&M that is loosely based off Twilight wouldn't be able to keep their hands to themselves. Differentiating between Christian Grey the character and Charlie Hunnam the actor is so hard, obviously.

I'm not defending Fifty Shades here, but it's a little insulting that Universal thinks Hunnam is already such a huge celeb that he merits extra security at a television show premiere. Unless there was some threat, or perhaps a previous incident — which it doesn't seem like there was — then the hype around the film isn't going to rear its head until the movie is at least in the process of filming.

Does Universal just think that these women aren't going to be able to control their sexual desires until then?

Unless this is actually about how they're just so worried that people disagree that much with their decision of Hunnam as Grey ... but that's a whole different story.