Krysten Ritter's On An Amazing Style Streak

by Rosie Narasaki

You've probably heard by now who is set to be Marvel's latest superhero: Krysten Ritter will play Jessica Jones in Netflix's upcoming series of the same name. And, it appears, Krysten Ritter's style has been majorly improving in anticipation of promoting the new show. Now, I'll admit, I wasn't a hundred percent sure who Jessica Jones was, but a quick Google tells me that she's pretty darn fascinating — apparently, she's a super-powered individual who suffers from PTSD! Should be pretty cool, both for Ritter's acting chops and for raising awareness, eh?

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons to be excited for her new role, and guess which one I'm talking about today? Her red carpet chops: She's got great style, and it's definitely hard not having her around all the time like the golden era that was Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 (I'm still not over its cancellation, and I don't think I ever will be). With a high-profile Netflix-Marvel series in the bag, you can bet that we'll be seeing a lot more of her. Besides, she's even gotten things off on a good start — since it was announced that she'd be taking on the Jessica Jones helm last week, she's been absolutely slaying the style side of all her public appearances. I mean, first there was this hot pink Balmain number:

At the Ocean Drive Magazine December Cover Launch

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Absolutely perfect, right? And don't you love how her lipstick matches, but isn't completely spot on? I want that shade, stat.

Oh, and there was the Versace she wore on Jimmy Kimmel last night:

My first instinct was to write "Sex on a stick" (is that an actual phrase?), but I decided it was too crude. That said, she looks kind of amazing in this embellished, artfully bodycon number.

Now it's time to get really darn excited about Jessica Jones — because this is just the sartorial beginning of what's sure to be a super fab red carpet run!

Images: Getty Images; Twitter