What I Would Wear to Meet Kate Middleton, Because I Can't Stop Dreaming of the Day That'll Happen

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As a successful, driven woman in a crazy world, it's important that you always prepare yourself for anything and everything. For example, when someone invites you to a party that you really, really don't want to go to, you better have a good excuse ready (one that's better than the "I just want to watch Scandal and drink wine instead" truth). When you run into an ex, you have to have an already-rehearsed "nice, but not too nice" routine so you seem at the perfect level of unaffected and unquestionably awesome. The more prepared, the better. Naturally, given this, it only made sense for me to prepare for other, realistic possibilities. On this week's list of "things to prepare for"? My inevitable meeting with Kate Middleton.

Why is it inevitable, you ask? Well, the only solid reasons I've come up with so far are 1) We both love Jenna Lyons and Jenny Packham and 2) We're both actually just boring duchesses, but people still insist on referring to us as princesses. Okay, only one of those is actually accurate, but still — the power of positive thinking is important. It could happen, and if I'm going to properly prepare for meeting Kate Middleton, the most important decision is obviously choosing what to wear. So in case you're wondering, here are 11 things I would wear to meeting my future BFF. Feel free to take inspiration for your own.

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