20 'Walking Dead' Gifts For Women Because Zombies Aren't Just For Dudes, Duh

Do you have a friend, family member, or loved one who lives and dies for Rick Grimes? Don't know what gifts to get that Walking Dead fan this year? Well, no need to chew your foot off about it. Here is a list of possible items that any Survivor would love to have. Besides, after that devastating winter finale, we're all gonna need some cheering up before the series returns to AMC in February.

The Most Famous Reindeer of All!

First, you’re going to need to start with some digital cards. You can purchase them on Etsy and print as many as you like!

Image: CFergoDesigns/Etsy

Give Them Wings

If you’re shopping for someone as enthusiastic as Chris Hardwick about The Walking Dead, this Daryl Dixon messenger bag is the way to go.

Image: Shop The Walking Dead

A Warning

A nice callback to the beginning of the series, you can stick this decal on your laptop, car, or even just a notebook!

Image: FriendlyRobots/Etsy

Theories Of International Politics & Zombies

Since the Walking Dead spinoff is set to take place in a different part of the country, it might be a good idea to brush up on your foreign policy with Daniel W. Drezner’s critically acclaimed text.

Image: Amazon

A Desk Buddy

Michonne, or any favorite TWD character, should protect your fan from office bullies.

Image: Funko

A Subtle Touch

I’m not sure what kind of message this gift would send, but it’s a nod to an iconic moment for Carol.

Image: /Etsy

Stocking Stuffer Snack?

Some of the items on the official Walking Dead store are weird.

Image: Shop The Walking Dead

Emily Kinney's 'Expired Love' EP

Does your fan miss Beth? Have they signed the petition to bring the folk-singing heroine back? In the meantime, actress and songwriter Emily Kinney has a new single out and you can buy her EP on her official site!

Image: Emily Kinney Music

Something for the Little One

Walking Dead fans have babies too, and all babies should aspire to be as cool as Judith Grimes.

Image: Cafepress

"No Sanctuary"

No comment. Gross.

Image: Shop The Walking Dead

Some light reading

New fan? Why not get them started with the graphic novel?

Image: Amazon

'Warm Bodies'

Sometimes, this show can get a little dark. Your friend might like to chill out with a zombie comedy like this one that’s based on Romeo & Juliet, or this year’s independent hit Life After Beth (though that title may be #TooSoon).

Image: Amazon

Charmed, I'm Sure

Looking for something dainty for a Daryl fan? This charm is perfect for collectors.

Image: Think Geek


These stickers are the perfect friend gift. You know, in case you know someone who has a roommate or sibling dispute to solve.

Image: ViperGraphics/Etsy

They'll be smitten!

Are you crafty? Do you prefer homemade gifts? Buy this knitting pattern and make mittens for someone that are a subtle nod to Daryl’s infamous poncho.

Image: battatter/Etsy

Nerdist Zipmates

Fans of The Walking Dead are likely to be fans of Chris Hardwick as well. These Nerdist zipper tags are a different, cool way to display your fandom out in public.

Image: Nerdist

The Video Game

Another way to enhance your fans experience is to get them hooked on the video game! There are two “seasons” already out.

Image: Telltale Games

Clementine's Hat

If your friend is already a TWD gamer, they might like this hat that the main character wears.

Image: Amazon

An Old Classic

Maybe the greatest line ever spoken on television, now in cozy coffee mug form.

Image: CuppaCharisma/Etsy

The Spirit of Giving

Grady Memorial Hospital might have been a site of contention on The Walking Dead this season, but it is a real hospital in Atlanta. If your family is into charitable donations in lieu of or in addition to gifts, why not put a fandom spin on helping others this holiday season and donate to the hospital? Or, if you live in Georgia, you can buy a Grady License Plate like the one pictured to show your support!

Image: Grady Health Foundation