4 Outfits Zooey Deschanel Would Wear in 'Elf' If It Was Filmed In 2014, Because the Vintage Lover Would Not Be Cool With That Bell Hat

It’s officially Christmas time, aka the season where it’s actually socially acceptable for me to watch Elf every single day for a month. Yeah, the classic “girl meets Elf, falls in love, saves Christmas” story is pretty great. Plus, what other holiday movie are we supposed to quote nonstop? Excuse me as I binge watch Elf and every other 25 Days of Christmas flick for the next two weeks.

There’s something I always forget while watching Elf. Could that cranky-but-sweet Gimbels sales associate be anyone I know? Oh, it’s Zooey Deschanel. Wait, WHAT? Yeah, she’s not wearing any vintage in this movie. Plus, she’s blonde? SO different. Let’s all admit that Jovie (uh, I see what you did there, casting director) is nothing like the Zooey we know and love today.

So, let’s break this down. What would Zooey wear in Elf today? After all, I’m pretty sure the glasses wearing, Peter Pan collar loving vintage geek would not be OK with that crop top and boring skirt. Plus, where are her glasses and signature curls? We’re missing a few things here.

Here’s how four different Zooey personas would attack that costume, because she is NOT an angry elf.

1. The Quirky Girl

There's the Zooey we all know and love. She obviously wouldn't be cool with that lame elf costume, so she'd bring her own twist to it. A vintage dress with a Peter Pan collar is a must, and the bow and loafers top it off. Because she likes smiling. Smiling's her favorite.


2. The Lazy Sunday Look

Even Zooey has her off days. After all, Jovie had to shower in the employee bathroom. Our lazy Zooey would start off with this Home Alone shirt. It was filmed in 1990, so it kind of counts as vintage, right? But, Zooey's way to perfect to show up to work in sweats and would add this skirt instead. Son of a nutcracker!


3. The Red Carpet Stunner

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even if you're not a huge fan of the whole quirky look, you have to admit that she looks flawless on the red carpet. In order to impress her VERY serious manager at Gimbels, she shows up to work in that exact outfit. Of course, she adds a pair of green pumps for some #ChristmasCheer. Make work your favorite. That's your new favorite.


4. Teacher Jess

Jess has been known to rock a dress and cardigan in her classroom (and — let's be honest — pretty much the entire show.) For this look, Zooey decides to add a bit of festive cheer to her look. Because when else would you combine those three (Buddy the Elf! What's your favorite) colors?


Images: IMDB, Getty, @ zooeydeschanel /Twitter (2), FOX