Saks Fifth Avenue Plans Expansion of Off 5th, and Our Wallets and Closets Rejoice

You know it's good news when both you closet and your wallet benefit. You must be familiar with the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet shop Off 5th, yes? Twenty more are being opened across this great nation of ours.

Not familiar with the outlet? Think of all the glorious designer good for sale at Saks. Think of their lofty designer prices. Now slash the prices away. You are, in fact, not dreaming! This is the Off 5th reality.

According to WWD, Saks had 13 in the works already for this year, and plopped seven more on top for good measure. They'll open in cities like West Palm Beach, Florida, Wauwatosa, Wisc., and Woodbridge, Va.

It is interesting that Saks will expand its outlet chain, but it makes sense, given that whole economy thing. Plus, they've just been acquired by Hudson Bay, so changes are afoot. Adapt or face extinction, I suppose.

Anyway, smart move, Saks. Our smaller bits of cash look forward to doing business with you.

Image: Courtesy