Jamie Lee Curtis to Star in ABC Family's 'The Final Girls,' Inspired By These 6 Horror Women

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Jaime Lee Curtis is headed to the small screen for a new horror series for ABC Family. Called The Final Girls, the series follows a group of girls who've survived their own horror stories and have been brought together by a "mysterious older woman" (Curtis) to channel their terrifying experiences for some as-yet-unnamed greater good. The series, of course, draws from the horror movie trope of the one girl who survives long enough to defeat the killer, monster, ghost, etc. It's a concept that usually enforces the standard of "good" women as being sexually pure, and it's heavily discussed in feminist academia, so it will be interesting to see how the show approaches the issue (if this were Joss Whedon, I'd be excited, but it's on ABC Family, so I'm hesitant.) Obviously, the show will draw from the famous "final girls" of horror movies past, one of them being...

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