13 Gifts for 'Once Upon a Time' Fans So Magical, They'll Make Anyone Believe in Fairy Tales

Do you know someone who's been wishing upon that one star to receive any and every gift related to Once Upon a Time ? Dearies, gather 'round, because this gift guide doesn't come with a price, unlike magic. Here are 13 magical gifts for any OUAT fan that will make them believe in fairy tales even more than they already do!

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC

Watch the Fairy Tales Come to Life

You can’t enjoy Once Upon a Time without watching the cast, characters, and stories in action. Thankfully, we have the first three seasons on DVDs for doing just that.

OUAT Seasons 1-3, $80, Amazon

Read Your Tablet Like Henry's Storybook

This is a Tablet cover! It’s the spitting image of Henry’s storybook, so every time you’re reading your iPad (or whatever kind of tablet you own), you’ll feel like you’re at Granny’s Diner in Storybrooke working on Operation Cobra or Mongoose.

Henry’s Storybook Tablet Cover, $60+, Etsy

Wear a Piece of Emma Around Your Neck

Want to feel like the Savior? This swan necklace is a great way to embody Emma Swan, her goodness, and her magic.

Emma Swan Necklace, $10, Etsy

Slip Into Emma's Read Leather Jacket

There’s no Emma without her famous red leather jacket. Now you can really feel like Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter.

Emma’s Leather Jacket, $69.00+, Etsy

Hang the Cast on Your Wall

Keep track of those very important dates with this OUAT wall calendar. It’s extremely helpful in maintaining schedules, like when the next town curse is coming.

OUAT Calendar, $10, Amazon

Invite the Evil Queen Into Your Home

Who doesn’t want a life-sized version of Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen in their home? As the best character on the show (IMHO), this cardboard standup will surely put a spell on anyone. FYI: poisoned apples not included.

Evil Queen Cardboard Standup, $39.69 on Amazon

Drink With a Dashing Rapscallion

Whether it’s rum, coffee, or tea, this “Dashing Rapscallion” coffee mug will make you feel like you’re chilling with Captain Hook and his dashing good looks.

Captain Hook Mug, $16, CafePress

Dagger Yourself With Rumplestiltskin Earrings

This dagger can be purchased as either a pendant or earrings. If this doesn’t say Mr. Gold aka Rumplestiltskin, I don’t know what does. Warning: whoever’s in possession of these items will have complete control over the jewelry’s owner.

Dagger Earrings & Pendant, $10, Etsy

Tell Stories With Snow White

This “Wanted” Snow White journal is very helpful in taking notes and keeping track of important items, especially the last time you and Charming had a date.

Snow White Journal, $10, CafePress

Fall Under the Spell of the Classics

OUAT all started with classic fairy tales, so why not reacquaint yourself with some, including Cinderella, Rumplestiltskin, Snow White, and many others.

Classic Fairy Tales, $6 (Hardcover) or $10 (Kindle), Amazon

Your Very Own Glass Slippers

They aren’t made of glass or transform you when the clock strikes 12, but these OUAT shoes will make your feet feel like they’re in their very own glass slippers.

OUAT Shoes, $65, Etsy

Frost Yourself With Some 'Frozen'

Do you wanna wear a necklace? Great! Then this piece of jewelry will frost anyone’s neckline with the love of Anna and Elsa.

Frozen Necklace, $10, Etsy

Fall in Love With Snow & Charming

Snow White and Prince Charming’s love runs throughout the show and fans’ hearts. This poster will fancy up any wall and surely bring the hope of true love to anyone who looks at it.

Snow and Charming Poster, $9, Etsy