Taylor Swift's BFF List Keeps on Growing

In addition to everyone wanting to buy her music and see her on tour, Taylor Swift is the queen of best friends and one celeb most people want to be friends with. She always seems to be making room for more (seriously, how many BFFs does she have?), including the likes of model Gigi Hadid and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner. Recently, the trio got into the holiday spirit by decorating Hadid's New York City apartment. Nothing brings in the joyous season more than some sparkling lights and friends, right?

Hadid posted a fun Instagram video showing the three putting up lights, and as you can see from the caption, she refers to Swift and Jenner as "helper-elves". I think that sounds fitting. How do you think they'd fare in the North Pole? I have a feeling Santa Claus and his elves would welcome, at least Swift (because everyone loves her, right?), with open arms.

Also, the 1989 singer shared her decorated Christmas tree proving that she knows what's up when it comes to spreading some joy and cheer.

It's good to know that Swift is always there for her friends (all 5 million of them), especially when it comes to putting put up decorations. Do you think they also sang Christmas carols? If not, then that's just a complete shame.