Who's the Highest Earner in Music?

It might seem like blasphemy to say that Beyoncé isn't number one on a list about music's highest earners, but, unbelievably, it's true: Though she is the top-earning female musician in the industry right now, Beyoncé is not the top earner in music overall — this, according to Forbes' annual list ranking the world's highest-paid musicians this year. So, who nabbed the honor from Bey? Apparently, none other than Dr. Dre, who earned a whopping $620 million in 2014, mostly thanks to a deal he inked to sell his Beats empire — including the headphones that all the cool kids wear these days — to Apple. Bey, on the other hand, earned $115 million in 2014.

Apparently, the gap between their 2014 earnings — which, as People points out, totals $515 million — is the largest between the list's top two artists in Forbes history. Other artists that made the list: At number 3 are The Eagles with $100 million earned, at number 4 is Bon Jovi with $82 million, at number 5 is Bruce Springsteen with $81 million, and at number 6 is Justin Bieber with $80 million.

No reason to feel bad for Bey, though: $115 million is still a ton, and not nabbing the spot of top earner in the industry overall isn't a huge deal when you're already music's top female earner, as well as — well, Beyoncé. She's had an amazing year of being her flawless self regardless.

Now, who else wants to rock out to "Flawless"?

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