Old Britney Is Back With New Single, "Ooh La La"

Thank god Old Britney is still in there somewhere. We were worried she was going to hide behind will.i.am and autotune until she was old, grey, and bald again (albeit for an entirely different reason). However, Monday's release of her new single, "Ooh La La" is a refreshing change from post-babies-and-mental-breakdown Britney. The song, off the Smurfs 2 soundtrack, sounds like old school Britney-meets-Gwen Stefani. Which is to say I love it.

I mean, music connoisseurs be forewarned, it's still electronic and Britney-ish — she isn't going all Yeezus on us with this one, but the song is fun and light and oh-so-reminiscent of those long-gone days of "...Baby One More Time." So give it a listen, fall in love with the new summer jam, and start waiting with baited breath for the music video (which features her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden). I'm just hoping she'll slip back into those adorable pig tail braids again.