The Most Surprising Celebrity Couples of 2014, Because We'll Never Forget J. Law & Chris Martin — PHOTOS

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As the saying goes, love works in mysterious ways. And with mystery undoubtedly comes unexpected results at times. Occasionally, people end up dating someone they never expected to go out with, and often surprise others as a result. As we've seen in 2014, celebrities are certainly not immune to this phenomenon. From Ariana Grande's budding romance with Big Sean, to the low-key (and sadly short-lived) relationship between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, we've seen romance blossom among the star crossed lovers this year in ways we never expected. But that's OK. Without a surprise here and there, celebrity love news would get dull after awhile.

But as we get used to the unexpected couples' love, the novelty starts to wear off and the initial shock can be easily forgotten. You're forgiven for forgetting some of the headlines, especially considering the amount of celebrity news this year, including breakout stars making their mark on the industry, scandals rocking the boat for once-beloved celebs, and new updates that seem to come up everyday in the media world. But every so often, we need to step back and remind ourselves that if celebrities have the time to relax and focus on simple, wonderful things like love, then so can we as their fans and audiences. Click through to refresh your memory on the most surprising celebrity couples that made their affection public this year.

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