Children Meet Reindeer For the First Time

As we move into mid-December — around the time Christmas psychosis reaches a frenzy that borders on panic — it's nice to take some times and remember the good things about this season. Like, for instance, a video of kids meeting reindeer for the first time. You know that you need this in your life.

People like to say that Christmas is magical, and that there is something about it that transcends all the hubbub and fanfare that has built up around it. It isn't really about the tree, or the eighty bajillion ornaments or the sinking feeling you get immediately after walking out of the mall, breathing fresh air, and realizing that they are clearly pumping some sort of psychotropic drug into the vents to make you think your father would ever want that sweater. No, Christmas isn't about tinsel that gets into the carpet and never comes out or the paper cuts you get from trying to wrap everything or fervently wishing your parents would please stop drinking eggnog and "accidentally" finding each other under the mistletoe. Christmas is about more than that.

Christmas is about children meeting reindeer for the first time.

Okay, so actually, I think the real "Reason for the Season" answer we're all supposed to go with is Jesus or else some "spirit of love and togetherness" idea, but Jesus was born in the fall and the spirit of December is more in keeping with stress, panic, jam-packed department stores, finals week, and end of year deadlines than with any more lofty ideas. So I am sticking with the reindeer. This video is about as magical as it gets.

(But to be fair, it is pretty magical)