8 Victims Of Police Brutality In 2014 We Can't — And Shouldn't — Forget

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There were a lot of stories, and types of stories, that defined the American news cycle in 2014. Although instances of police brutality (as well as oft-toxic relationships between law enforcement and communities of color) rose to national prominence late in the year with the killing of unarmed Ferguson teen Michael Brown and the chokehold death of Staten Island man Eric Garner, they're far from the only such stories. The truth is, it was a bad year for police brutality in 2014, with controversial, harrowing and tragic tales of people losing their physical health or their lives in encounters with police officers on full display. And it's important — if not vital — to know some of their names.

After all, these issues are now the subject of widespread, national protest, spurring acts of civil disobedience in the public eye. Want to know why? Here are some examples of police violence in 2014 that are worth remembering.

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