I Need Feminism; Do We Need Feminism?

by Nathalie O'Neill

A new project, initally launched by 16 women at Duke University, has been popping up on university campuses in the U.K. and North America. Feminist groups are asking students to hold up a sign where they have completed the sentence "I need feminism because..." The idea is to use crowd-sourcing to come up with a broad definition of feminism. Here are some of the results, shot around both Cambridge and McGill Universities:

"I need feminism" asks individuals what feminism can do for them, hence some ladies who happily answered they wouldn't be hired for their boobs and could let their leg hair grow. Some smart cookies saw through this slight individualistic flaw and used a "we" in their answers. It's amazing to see how most everyone recognizes the positive impact feminism can have, and the ways our society needs to change. And feminism is not only something that happens on an individual basis—it's systemic discrimination.

We all need feminism because we're living in a patriarchal world.

Check out the Cambridge Facebook page and the McGill tumblr for more images like these. (The temptation to keep scrolling is addictive.)