13 Last Minute Gifts For Fashion People That Are Sure To Satisfy Your Die-Hard Friends

As a zealous fashion fan, you probably keep company with like-minded individuals who are just as nerdy about clothing as you are. Hence, you need to buy some gifts for the fashion people on your holiday shopping list. It goes without saying that these folks represent a rather discerning gift clientele, so the pressure to impress with your Christmas/Hanukkah is ON. After all, you don't want your buddy to unwrap your thoughtful gift only to purse their lips like Miranda Priestly over a cerulean sweater.

That's where we come in. From the costume history buff, to the Vogue devotee, to the straight-up label whore, we have thirteen gifts sure to please any fashion die-hard that you're shopping for this season.

Image: Redbubble/ Elisa Denisse

For the Grace Coddington Fan

Illustrator and artist Kayci Wheatley made this fine makeup bag emblazoned with the face of Vogue’s Creative Director emeritus Grace Coddington. She also has versions with Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour.

Grace Coddington Makeup Bag, $28,

For the Costume History Buff

You may not be able to bring home one of Cristobal Balenciaga’s opulent 1950s gowns because most of them are in museums. But the 2D versions are another story.

Balenciaga Paper Dolls, $28,

For the Friend Who's All About Fashion Theory

Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Sharpton compiled Women in Clothes as an anthology of essays, surveys, and interviews that explore the social, psychological, and emotional meanings of clothing. It’s a fantastic read for anyone who has ever worn anything.

Women in Clothes, $19,

For the Karl Cult Member

This Karl skirt is another Kayci Wheatley original. It needs no introduction and no conclusion.

Karl Lagerfeld Printed Skater Skirt, $78,

For the Costume Institute obsessive

So your friend can re-live the Costume Institute exhibit over and over again, free of the crowds and lines.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion, $50,

For the Friend Who Thinks that Chanel is Better Than Sex

It’s nail polish. It’s a phone. IT’S BOTH!!

Chanel Nail Polish Iphone Case, $35,

For the Friend Who Cried During Gaultier's Final Runway Show

Help your buddy mourn this year’s retirement of design maverick Jean Paul Gauliter with an commemorative art print. Nobody will ever do it like him.

Gaultier Illustration Art Print, $20,

For the Stone-Cold Kook

Elsa Schiaparelli’s iconic shoe hat epitomizes the surrealist influences and offbeat point of view that made her so memorable. Now, you can wear that on your finger.

Shoe Ring Inspired By Schiaparelli’s Shoe Hat, $280,

For the Purist

If your friend is constantly decrying the death of Haute Couture and they don’t already own this movie, do them a favor and add it to their collection. Together, you can watch Valentino prepare the grand retrospective that sums up a magnificent career. Not to mention, get a load of his pack of pugs that follow him everywhere.

Valentino: The Last Emperor, $10,

For the Marc Fangirl

Essentially, this duvet is the grown-up fashion person version of a Lion King comforter.

Marc Jacobs Duvet Cover, $99,

For the Francophile

Give your buddy an opportunity to dismiss all the poor souls who dare to ask the last names.

French Designers Pullover Sweatshirt, $30,

For the Choupette-Lover

Choupette isn’t a cat, she’s a feline goddess. And this isn’t a book, it’s a bible.

Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat, $19,

For the HBIC

This season, give the gift of Anna Wintour constantly judging you from her perch on the sofa.

“WIntour is Coming” Throw Pillow, $21,