13 Last Minute Gifts For Fashion People That Are Sure To Satisfy Your Die-Hard Friends

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As a zealous fashion fan, you probably keep company with like-minded individuals who are just as nerdy about clothing as you are. Hence, you need to buy some gifts for the fashion people on your holiday shopping list. It goes without saying that these folks represent a rather discerning gift clientele, so the pressure to impress with your Christmas/Hanukkah is ON. After all, you don't want your buddy to unwrap your thoughtful gift only to purse their lips like Miranda Priestly over a cerulean sweater.

That's where we come in. From the costume history buff, to the Vogue devotee, to the straight-up label whore, we have thirteen gifts sure to please any fashion die-hard that you're shopping for this season.

Image: Redbubble/ Elisa Denisse

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