13 Latke Recipes That Are Anything But Traditional, Just In Time For Hanukkah

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What's the best way to start a domestic uprising during the most wonderful time of the year? Mess around with traditions and watch your loved ones freak! Unlike Christmas with its roasts, cookies galore, and fruit cakes, Hanukkah is all about latkes and fried fare. The symbolism comes from the miracle of the Temple in Jerusalem when one day’s supply of oil kept the eternal flame lit for eight. There’s a lot more to it, but let’s get to the point.

And that point is potato latkes. What should be a lacy pancake fried into crispy bliss too often reveals itself to be a flabby, blue mini-Frisbee. Blue? Yes, blue. I knew a Jewish grandmother whose latkes were praised all over her neighborhood. When I finally got to taste these hallowed Hanukkah must-haves, four sad, soggy, blue blobs stared up at me from her good china. They’d been made the week before, frozen, and “popped into the microwave. So easy!” she said kvelling over her creation. Um, no. These blue babies would not do. Unfortunately, she died a week later. Whether her early demise was related to her sacrilegious treatment of the potato pancake, we will never know. But thankfully a lot of creative cooks have put their own updated spin on this Hanukkah classic. Bubbe might plotz over the variations (deviations?), but good taste should always trump tradition.

Image: What Jew Wanna Eat

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