17 Holiday Cupcakes To Make The Season Bright, Because We're All Getting A Little Tired of Christmas Cookies

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Cupcakes are truly the darling of the dessert world. You can basically do anything to make a cupcake feel festive, and it would still turn out adorable. Smear some Betty Crocker frosting on some little box cakes, throw some sprinkles on those babies — and voila! You have culinary art! However, since it's the holiday season, it doesn't hurt to spend a little more time to get creative with our mini cake babies.

The beauty of December is that it's just such a festive month. You have so many options as far as decorating goes — cupcakes included. You can go the cozy route and bake some hot chocolate cupcakes. You could do something really Christmas-y and play with red and green frosting. Or you could go with the general theme of snow — which is why vanilla frosting is deliciously versatile. Now that we have you feeling inspired, here are 17 different holiday cupcakes you can make for your next festive celebration.

Image: Your Cup of Cake

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