Beyond Birchbox: 6 Super Sexy Subscription Boxes

Since Birchbox came on the scene a few years ago, the marketplace of monthly subscription box services has exploded. There's Bestowed for healthy snacks; Mistobox for coffee; Whimseybox for crafters. There's even a box just for knitters. So of course there are also erotic subscription boxes too. Whether sex stores make you nervous or you just love trying new things, let one of the following six sexy subscription boxes help set your erotic agenda each month.

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown


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Founded in 2012, Unbound is a quarterly subscription box for women’s sex toys and other ‘erotic products.’ Each box contains five to seven products (including a full sized featured product, several samples and original erotica) centered around a theme (this month’s was “power”). What’s it’s not is a vibrator-of-the-month club. “Part of the reason we started Unbound was to explore the market and find items that were exciting and unexpected,” its founders say. “We want it stigma free, sex positive and welcoming of all.” Cost: $65 per box or $220 per year

Spicy Subscriptions

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In addition to a sex toy of the month subscription, Spicy Subscriptions offers “The Spice Box”, a monthly delivery of “romantic gifts, intimate toys, massage oils, sexy lingerie, romantic fragrances and more!” Designed for people in or out of a relationship, each box boasts one to two “flirty gifts”, four to eight trial products and one or two full-size products. Cost: $34.95 per month

Tuck-Ins Monthly

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Each monthly Tuck-Ins box includes one piece of lingerie and “a few other gifties”, such as lotions and lube. Cost: $30

The Fantasy Box

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The Fantasy Box is a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box for hetero couples. “We wanted to create a service that … makes people happy, helps people grow closer, fulfills fantasies (and) improves existing intimacy,” its website says. There are three different levels of subscription boxes, each centered around a different ‘fantasy’ each month. The box contain products related to that fantasy and ‘his’ and ‘hers’ instructions. Cost: Starting at $34 per month

Boink Box

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From Bonk Boutique, the Boink Box comes with three different subscription options: The Makeout Box, which offers “small sexy items every month” for $25; the standard Boink Box ($50), which comes with “lube, toys and fun stuff to explore;” or the Luxury Box, which comes every three months and includes three luxury toys along with lube and extras.


Click Here To Subscribe To Déjåmor.

Déjåmor’s monthly subscription boxes include “recipes — complete with ingredients — to rekindle your love life.” Another box designed for hetero couples, this one comes with two “intimate adventures,” one for “his eyes only” and another for hers. Cost: $34.95 per month