6 Reasons Why You're Craving Unhealthy Foods

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It has been a long day, and all you want to do is come home, crash on the couch, and dig into a big bowl of macaroni and cheese. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you’re craving a cheesy bowl of pasta instead of quinoa salad? Most of our cravings are for salty foods or desserts, not for something healthy — why is that?

When something is off in our body — whether we are tired, we ate poorly, or we had a stressful day — it responds to these imbalances by sending us signals, and sometimes those come in the form of junk food cravings. What exactly is off in our body, however, is not always so clear.

No one wants lust after McDonald's all the time, so with the help of a couple nutritionists, we have come up some of the reasons why you might always be craving junk food.

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