You Have NEVER Seen Holiday Manicures Like These

There's something about the holidays that makes people think that making everything (and I mean everything) festive is a good idea. Any other day dressing up your dog as baby Jesus for a nativity scene seems a little odd, but during the holidays? Hey, it's cute. Anything is possible. Since something naturally festive like decorative nail art gets crazy for most national holidays and/or pop culture events, nail art is bound to get extra funky during the most magical season of the year. Is it really a particularly flattering beauty trend to have your nails painted as Santa and his reindeer? According to my Pinterest, apparently it is. Isla Bell Murray of the Bold Italic noticed, festiveness of this season's holiday nail art and came up with her own ideas for crazy holiday-themed nail designs. And they are totally brilliant.

First, we have tree tips. Because who needs an actual Christmas tree or pine-scented candle when you can quite literally have the scent at your fingertips 24/7? As Murray says, "Add some sap to your snap" with these one-with-nature Christmas tree-themed nail accessories. And people thought matte nails were the coolest thing to happen to nail art. Think again, my friends.

Tree Tips

Feliz Nail Viad

For the "Oh, my God, I just LOVE twinkle lights. I want them everywhere. In my room, my bathroom, framing my bed, EVERYWHERE" girl that we all know and love. Okay, yes, I may be that girl sometimes, too. You're bound to light up every room you walk into with this one. Be able to function normally? No, but man, will you glow.

Wrapper's Delight

We're all a little sick of that person who insists on sharing how awesome their wrapping skills are via social media, right? We get it; you used velvet ribbon and practiced calligraphy for a week and now you're on your way to an indie-lifestyle blog. Move over and let the rest of us procrastinate until Christmas Eve, when we will panic trying to find tape and bunch the wrapping paper on one "ugly" side — not all four sides have to be pretty, right?

You can check out some more insane holiday nail art over at The Bold Italic.

Images: The Bold Italic (3)