8 ‘Sherlock’ Tattoos All Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Will Approve Of — PHOTOS

We know you love Benedict Cumberbatch. After all, you are human. But are you enough of a Sherlock fan to brand something Benedict-related on your person for the rest of your life? Plenty of super fans have inked themselves with Sherlock tattoos, casting your own fan-hood into question. That is, unless you're contemplating getting a Benedict Cumberbatch tattoo of your own. In that case, you'll probably be compelled to run on down to the tattoo parlor stat.

From the subtle "221 Baker Street" address to the full-color portrait, these eight BBC Sherlock-inspired tattoos are worth checking out. Did they hurt? Elementary, my dear Watson. Of course!

The Full Monty

When it comes to your Benedict devotion, go big or go home.

Image: 2_Fangirling_Freaks/Instagram

Simple Silhouette

Combine the Sherlock silhouette with the 221 Baker Street reference and you‘ve got a stylish design.

Image: ghostdogtattoo/Instagram

Sherlock & Watson

Imagine those tousled curls on your arm for the rest of eternity.

Image: Crescent105/Instagram

Sentimental Quotes

John Watson’s words to Sherlock carry a special meaning for any real fan.

Image: johnwatson_holmes/Instagram

Cameo Silhouette

You can never go wrong with Sherlock’s profile.

Image: Everybodysdad/Instagram

Yet Another Quote

Benedict may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that he’s one of them.

Image: Cailadagger/Instagram

Post Code Envy

Baddest address in all of Londontown.

Image: tdccfans/Instagram

The Grand Collage

So many fantastic choices!! How about getting all of them at once?

Image: hiddlesbatchlover/Instagram