Two 'Real World' Stars Have a Dirty Secret

So the other night on Andy Cohen's Gossip Minute a.k.a. Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, Danny Roberts — the hot one from the Real World: New Orleans that every guy and girl wanted to sleep with regardless of his sexuality (gay) or their own because HOO lawd look at that face. and body. and everything but I'm getting ahead of myself whoops — admitted to some saucy and scandalous sexual experimentation that caused quite the kerfuffle between himself and another Real World-er, the original Las Vegas hot mess, Trishelle Cannatella.

And now, obviously, we're dying to figure out with whom did Danny have this torrid affair? Come one, reality stars, this is exactly your function within society: scandal and intrigue with a little bit of crazy thrown in because of course. So spill the beans!

But they won't (or at least, not without a little bit of poking and prodding), so for now, all we can do is frivolously tinker around in their personal life and speculate, because what else is the Internet for?

Now, the fine folks over at TooFab have done the initial detective work, providing the video and a previously-tweeted message from Trishelle (since deleted) to help us put the puzzle pieces together. She claimed it was "not Steven," and just for funsies and/or insecurity reasons, followed that up with "Danny also cheated on his bf at the time lol," as if that would actually change the conversation right now. Honey please.

So there it is. OK! Now let's go through the options:

  • First, of course, there's Steven Hill. Who, sure Trishelle denied that it was him on Twitter, but we all know people lie sometimes so let's just keep him on the list.
  • Then, there are the rumored/speculated/never officially confirmed RW fellas. Like Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and Paris' Ace Amerson.
  • And that doesn't discount the other beaus from RW's sibling show, Road Rules. This includes cast members Blair Herter and Adam Larson.

So who could it be?

Well, we know the person is, allegedly, currently married. Steven Hill was married but got divorced in 2010, so I suppose this coffin nail really pushes him off the list. But that's OK! Because look who's left. The Miz, who could be a real contender — is there any sport more homoerotic than professional wrestling? C'mon, really — though the fans may vehemently deny it, methinks the lady doth protest a bit too much (self hatred is real, after all, just look at, oh, most of the Republicans against gay marriage). And while he's not married, he basically is: Mike recently announced his engagement to former WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet.

Then there are the Road Rulers, Blair and Adam. Blair could potentially fit the bill, as he is currently married (to fellow G4 contributor Jessica Chobot. They have a kid together. As for Adam? Well he's the most mysteriously quiet of the bunch. We have no idea if he's married or not. But the Internet is shockingly mum on his doings, which leads us to believe that maybe — just maybe — he's got something to hide?

Our money is either on Adam or The Miz. Either way — somebody tell us. We're bored and like to know things.