Is Her Leg Jewelry The Next Big Accessory Trend?

Not surprising: Miranda Kerr looks absolutely stunning on the cover of InStyle Australia's January issue. Surprising: the jewelry she's wearing in the gorgeous image. Would you consider her bling... leg jewelry?

I know, I know. Is leg jewelry even a thing? Apparently so, at least in Australia, I guess. At first, I thought the model was sporting barefoot sandals, but it doesn't look like they hook around her toes. They're kind of like glamorous gladiator sandals without, you know, the shoe part. I'm equal parts confused and intrigued by this accessory.

After some extensive and creative googling, I'm sorry to say that I still don't have a solid answer. Although I did see some pretty adorable baby cow-inspired pendants (other than that, the search term "calf jewelry" was unsuccessful.) Leg jewelry is kind of the closest name I can put to them, but even that yields only a few results similar to Miranda's look. Most are "leg chains," which are actually pretty awesome — like the stepped-up version of a body chain. How boho chic would they look with a high-slit skirt?

Anyways, I digress. Maybe Miranda will catapult this jewelry item to actual-name-status. Might I suggest the term jeweled calf cage?

Image: Twitter/@fashionista_com