The Ultimate Urban Decay Gift Guide — For Every Glitter or "Pulp Fiction" Aficionado Out There

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Gift-giving can be super-stressful — trying to find the perfect thing for everyone on your list while battling long lines and hectic stores makes it tempting to just give everyone coupons for a massage or buy the whole lot gift cards. Why fight the crowds at the mall when you can slip into your coziest pajamas, pour yourself a glass of wine and take care of most of your list online right now? Giving beauty products as gifts can seem dicey, but Urban Decay has a little something for everyone from your makeup minimalist mom to your music-obsessed little sister. There are universally-flattering shades for your Secret Santa gift swap and also cost-effective options for the people you want to make think you spent more money on them than you actually did.Swiping left on this list is more effective and productive than (and almost as fun as) Tinder.

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