Amy Poehler's Kids Give Jimmy Kimmel a Giggle

There's no denying that most things about Amy Poehler's existence are either a.) hilarious, b.) awesome, or c.) all of the above (oh man I love lists of three, don't you guys?). And on Tuesday night during a particularly charming sit down with Jimmy Kimmel, the Parks and Recreation star reminded us she has two other reasons to be totally obsessed with her: her adorable, hilarious children. Because is there anything better than Amy Poehler impressions, combined with the you-can't-make-this-shit-up hilarity of precocious young tots? I mean, no, obviously.

Tiny humans are funny things outside of their stature alone; they know less than most and have a curious way of seeing and interpreting what they encounter. Which is why it's amazing to listen to them talk about why they do or do not like things — they don't even realize their own comedic gold. But Archie and Abel Arnett (these two may literally have been born to be a brother version of the old-timey radio duo Bob and Ray) are more than the sum of their parts — they're beings all their own, made all the more wonderful thanks to having hilarious genes from parents Poehler and her ex-husband, Will Arnett. And that means they comprehend things in ways that only tiny budding comedyhumans could.

Anyone else going to be lisping spicy salsa to themselves and giggling every time they look in the refrigerator because they're not at all Creepy McCreepertons? (I thought so!) Lucky for these two nuggets, it seems they are destined for gingered, lispy greatness. And if we didn't want to be best friends with Amy Poehler so bad we'd ask her to adopt us (I have red hair now and totally used to have a lisp in my wee one days, Amy — does that count?). I mean, we're all cut from the same meat in the end.