11 Women in Television Who Killed It In 2014 & Totally Inspired Us In The Process

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It was a big year for television, more specifically, women in television; 2014 proved to be a year for women to take on some really killer roles on television. From new shows like How to Get Away With Murder — why can’t it be back on air already?! — to shows that have been on air for a while, like Parks and Recreation, there is no doubt that the women who lead these shows are forces to be reckoned with.

Obviously, there are so many talented and inspiring women who killed it in TV in 2014 that not everyone could make the list. There’s got to be some exclusivity, right? Clearly it’s a good thing that we have so many wonderful women to pick from. Here is a comprehensive list of 11 women who killed undisputably killed it on TV in 2014.

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