Who Are The 'Real World: Skeletons' For The 2014 Cast? MTV Is Digging Up Drama & Forcing 7 Real People To Deal With It

Real World is probably MTV’s longest running gig and so far none of their 29 seasons have disappointed. Well, that’s a lie, post-Austin things really took a turn for the weird, but in order to spice things up for MTV’s 30th season of The Real World , they will be digging around to get dirt on their roommates. Real World: Skeletons airs on Tuesdays and will introduce to not only seven people, but it will randomly bring in those seven people’s worst enemies or basically they will have to live with the one person that they seriously never wanted to see again. Translation? So much drama, The Bachelor won’t even be able to hold a candle to it.

This season of The Real World will take place in Chicago, so I have my money on a fist fight going down at a deep dish pizza restaurant. I also imagine that bringing in enemies and awkwardness might lead to some departures and some fun new roommates. They haven’t announced all the skeletons yet and who they will be but I am going to do some fortune telling and based off their bios give insight as to who may be coming around the house. Guys, I promise I am going to be really good at this.

This is the true story of seven strangers, picked to live in a house, work together, and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite... and start getting real... with all of the people they never wanted to see again.

Image: MTV

Bruno, 24

Oh Bruno, how you remind me of every mistake I made in high school. Bruno is a ladies man and while you may think his skeleton would be a girl, it’s not because let’s be honest he’s probably the skeleton for girls. Bruno is the only one with a confirmed skeleton from MTV thus far: We will be meeting his brother Briah, who he has apparently not spoken to in three years, though we aren’t really sure why yet. Oh, and he has a temper. Shocking.

Image: MTV

Madison, 23

Madison seems a little conversationally challenged, but luckily, The Real World doesn’t require you to know what ISIS is. Her big secret is that she struggled with Heroin (yes, Heroin) for bit and her skeleton looks like it might be her sister because in the previews they say “the sister she stole everything from is moving in.” I think the implication here is that she pawned her belongings for Heroin money, because yes, that’s a real thing that happens.

Image: MTV

Violetta, 23

Violetta was bullied in high school, but now she’s a jerk. I will never understand that because people who were bullied are supposed to know what it feels like to have people be awful to you and not do that back to people, but whatever. My guess? It’s going to be someone from high school that comes back to haunt her.

Image: MTV

Sylvia, 25

The Kansas girl describes herself as a serial dater and “gravitates towards dysfunction romantic relationships,” which is always a good thing. I imagine that she and Bruno will be hooking up soon. If she’s a serial dater, then I doubt her skeleton will be an ex. Sylvia is tricky because I feel as though if there’s one unpredictable person this season, it’s her. My theory? Her skeleton is a girl who she screwed over at some point in her past.

Image: MTV

Jason, 24

Jason is a North Carolina native who grew up with no father. He has already talked about it on the previews, so his skeleton might have something to do with that. Although I’m sure that an old man will not be living in the house with him, I wouldn’t put it past MTV to reconnect him to his father though while on the show. In his bio they talk about how he “will never walk out on his own child,” so maybe Jason has a child we don’t know about. Far-fetched, I know, but Teen Mom is still a popular show, so crazier things have happened.

Image: MTV

Nicole, 23

Yeah, so Nicole’s got an ex-girlfriend coming for sure. Nicole is a Staten Island-born girl with triplet sisters, so I’d bet she knows how to throw a punch too. With three sisters, Nicole has probably never had a calm conversation in her life. Also, she apparently will “steal your girlfriend.” So yeah, it’s definitely a scorned ex.

Image: MTV

Tony, 25

According to Tony’s bio, his weakness is women, but he can’t be faithful to anyone, which are all really great qualities, bro. It also says that he ”was employed at a chemical plant but recently has been on leave due to knee surgery caused by a skirmish with a crazy ex.” Ding dong, crazy break your knee ex is here. By the way, I would like to point out that all of these guys are self-proclaimed “mama’s boys,” but are awful to women, so that’s an odd trend. But, yeah Crazy Knee-Breaking Ex is for sure coming to take out the other knee.

Image: MTV