Meet the New Cast of 'Real World: Skeletons' (And, Well, Their Skeletons)

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A year ago, the producers of The Real World realized that living in a house with six strangers is no longer the riveting social experiment that it was 28 seasons ago. So they decided on a new gimmick — bringing in the exes of the seven main cast members without their prior knowledge — and it actually kind of worked. Compared to the Porland and St. Thomas seasons that came before it, Ex-plosion was a fireworks show. And now Bunim and Murray are trying to strike unsuspecting gold (bronze?) twice by bringing in the "skeletons" of the chosen seven cast members — people who remind them that they used to be heroine addicts, or that abandoned them: "The people we were running from are now living with us."

What actually made the Ex-plosion season slightly more compelling though, was less the concept of bringing secretly bringing in exes, but more casting the casting in general. Jenny and Brian might have had the most interesting/hilarious/scary relationships I've ever seen. And just Jenny in her own, who once described herself as "real as Colby cheese," which she went on to clarify meant, "real as f—ck." And she was! Let's see if the new cast's MTV bios offer any hope that they (and their skeletons) might offer that kind of Real-ness we've seen in comparable past season casts...

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