Uh-Oh, Donald Trump Is Mulling 2016

Brace yourself, America. Straight from the horse's mouth, Donald Trump is "very strongly" considering a 2016 presidential bid — or so he told philanthropist and cofounder of the Carlyle Group, an investment firm, David Rubenstein, in an interview at D.C.'s Economic Club on Monday evening.

Trump had stoked rumors of a 2016 run when he added a dinner party with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to his scheduled visit to the Midwestern state, and joined the lineup at the Iowa Freedom Summit, whose keynote speakers include several potential Republican presidential candidates. He told Rubenstein:

I am considering [a bid] very strongly. A lot of people think I’m having fun with it, that I’m playing games, that I enjoy the process. And I do enjoy the process to a certain extent. Frankly I just think we need something very good, very fast or we’re going to be in very big trouble as a country.

We'll say. Trump said that if he does decide to run, there will be an announcement as soon as "March, April or May." Looking back on 2012, the closest he's come to running for president — but ultimately bowing out — Trump said, with signature confidence:

Four years ago I was leading in the polls, I was beating everybody in the polls.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While I'm not sure which poll Trump was referring to, a Politico-George Washington University survey at the height of rumors in 2011 found that 71 percent of people surveyed said Trump had "no chance" of ever being president. And with good reason, too — while Trump is known for his business in the private sector and support for the GOP, he has voiced some pretty absurd opinions on his Twitter page, some of which I will walk you through.

On the "losers" who hate on him:

When New York City had its first case of Ebola, Trump blamed President Obama for not instating travel bans and border closures — despite those "solutions" having been denounced as irrational and ineffective:

The real estate magnate was engaged in a Twitter feud with comedian Russell Brand, which he appeared to have started by criticizing Brand's appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. Brand, of course, did not take it lying down.

And then there was his over-the-top response to Obama winning a second term in 2012, blaming the electoral process — which, granted, has a lot of issues — and encouraging partisanship.

It also seems like Trump has no problem with the horrific CIA torture report detailing its interrogation practices. In fact, he's all for it.

Let's not forget his online interactions with other celebrities.

And his Tweets on miscellaneous topics regarding the breadth of his social media influence, global warming, the marble tiles in the UN building, and, um, Diet Coke are solid gold.

Feel free to peruse Trump's Twitter page for more of his enlightening thoughts. In all honesty, I'm not sure why the celebrity mogul would want to run for president, seeing as he himself doesn't seem to be respecting that position all too much — what with his Tweets about his current president. He also seems to enjoy dishing out petty, lowbrow insults and giving unsolicited relationship advice to fellow celebrities, on top of running off his mouth about really important issues like Ebola, even in opposition to what experts in the field have said.

But hey, being vocal about your thoughts, no matter how asinine, is your prerogative in the land of the free; that's what's so beautiful about it. But I'd venture to say that Americans would want a more, shall I say, presidential character running their country.

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