Charlie Sheen Strikes Again, Fires Selma Blair from 'Anger Management' Diva-Style

It's easy to forget that before there was Amanda Bynes, there was Charlie Sheen. He was bi-winning. He had tiger blood in his veins, a 10,000-year-old brain in his head, and a 7-year-old's boogers in his nose. Charlie Sheen put alleged drug-related mental breakdowns on the map back when he made Anna Nicole Smith look like nothing more than a sad Juggalette. But he'd toned it down... until recently. Last week, the actor sent Farrah Abraham a very strongly worded message, and, this week, he's declaring war on Selma Blair for daring to question his behavior on the set of their FX series Anger Management.

After the actress reportedly told executives that Sheen was too difficult to work with, the actor fired Blair. Whether or not he has the ability to fire co-stars is unclear, as is whether Blair will show up to the set when filming resumes.

Really, no one puts Charlie Sheen in the corner. If for one second you thought Bynes was going to be the biggest celebrity hot mess of the year, you thought wrong. I'm just waiting for the bit where he tries to tell Blair she has five o'clock shadow and tranny boobs. I can really feel it coming. Especially since Anger Management needs publicity before its July 11 finale.