Bet You Didn't Know These Beatles Facts

Did you know The Beatles once tried to get Stanley Kubrick to direct them in the pre-Peter Jackson film version of Lord of the Rings? Yep. John Lennon really wanted to play Gollum, and that is a true fact that will probably be on your mind for the rest of your life. This knowledge comes courtesy of YouTube channel 5fact's newest video about The Beatles, which features Taryn "Pennsatucky" Manning.

Manning's interpretation of John Lennon in full Gollum regalia is one of the best things we've seen all week, so we highly suggest you watch.

The video is very educational even for die-hard Beatles fans: Did you know about George Harrison's involvement in Monty Python's Life of Brian? That they made history not just as the most popular band of all time, but also in the animated world? Did you know about how their label became inadvertently responsible for Carl Sagan sending the sounds of whales having sex into space?

We didn't know any of these things, but they're all laid out in the video, which means you should probably watch it. You should probably also join us and the 5 Facts cast in pestering Manning about what's coming in Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black, too, because why not?