2013's 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes Are Totally Not At All Pathetic and Sad

Try using the arrow keys

So the genius smart funny people over at iO9 discovered a hideous secret: there's an "official" The Walking Dead costume out for Halloween... and it's a "Sassy Rick Grimes." Which is hilarious because a.) yeah, "sassy" is not another word for "sexy" but nice try, costume industry, and b.) it's a "Sassy Rick Grimes" costume. So we decided to take a further gander at the other entertainment-related costumes featured at SpiritHalloween.com and, well, it's a real treasure trove.

We're pretty excited about this Rick Grimes costume, though. It looks perfect for all those times you've been dreaming of warding off undead humans in an attempt to survive your own terrible reality — but sexily!

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