Sandler's Next Move Is ... Interesting

Adam Sandler's career is not exactly known for its dramatic resonance — recently, we've all been trying to forget that Jack & Jill is a thing that happened — but that didn't stop Sandler from negotiating for The Cobbler , an upcoming drama from Tom McCarthy.

Sandler is largely known for broad comedies, this year we've had Grown Ups 2 and That's My Boy, and everyone should be familiar with the more classic Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore. Click also happened, let's not forget that one.

As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, The Cobbler would follow Sandler as "a shoe man who has the ability to metaphysically step into the lives of the people whose shoes he repairs." It is being directed by The Station Agent and The Visitor director Tom McCarthy. Sandler's also signed on for another drama directly after filming on The Cobbler wraps: Young Adult and Labor Day director Jason Reitman's Men Women & Children. As Vulture's Jesse David Fox quips, "see ya later, CGI deer that comedically pisses on people."

Sandler has been known to sometimes delve into the more dramatic or introspective: The divisive Punch-Drunk Love, the 2004 family dramedy Spanglish, and Judd Apatow self-analyzing Funny People were all symptoms of that. His past few films have been especially broad and bawdy in nature, so his choices for his upcoming films probably signal an interest in returning to the vaguely more human characters he's played in those dramedies.

Not sure whether we're excited about this or not, but there it is.