The Best Pregnancy Style Of 2014, Because Blake Lively Wasn't The Only Well-Dressed Mom-To-Be This Year

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The celebrity world will have expanded to twice its previous size by early 2015 thanks to Baby Boom 2.0. Luckily, the next generation of actors, singers, and dancers have some extraordinarily elegant parents to look up to. Here's hoping Blake Lively's child inherits her million watt smile and effortless bohemian style; Zoe Saldana's twin boys have a touch of their mother's innate acting talent and avant-garde style; and Kerry Washington's approaches the world with the same joie de vivre and none of her character Olivia Pope's daily drama. Here are 2014's most winsome pregnancy looks. Oh, how these chic celebrities deserve a round of applause for appearing so cool and collected.

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