DIY Hanukkah Decorations Don't Get Much Easier (Or Cuter) Than These No-Sew Tassel Ornaments — Make Them in 7 Simple Steps

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Embroidery floss isn’t just for friendship bracelets! We mined our personal floss collection for all shades of blue, and created ornaments to decorate this year’s Hanukkah branch. Here, we show you how to make your own super-easy — and very classy — tassel ornaments (just in time to wow tonight’s guests!) with this versatile string. Tassels are pretty expensive, and it's hard to actually find ones that are cute but still understated (i.e. ones that come in a variety of colors but don’t look like they belong on curtains). Check out our simple no-sew tutorial.

Images: Allegra Muzzillo

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