Mariah Carey Loses A Shoe Onstage Plus the 21 Weirdest Performances of 2014

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As the year comes to a close, Mariah Carey gracefully slid into the home plate to increase this year's number of weird performances by one. As reported by E! Online, Mimi's holiday concert performance went wacky when she lost a shoe in the middle of the set. But things got weirder.

At one point she began crying and even stopped the show altogether after she had an issue with her earpiece. Man, Mariah. This was a tough one. But fortunately she won't have to bear this burden alone. There's an entire year's worth of baffling onstage antics and the Head Lamb herself is just on the tail end of things.

Here are the 21 weirdest performances of 2014, some delightfully strange and others, not so much.

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