We Tried Out Instagram's New Filters for You

Today Instagram announced five new filters! FIVE. NEW. FILTERS. The last time Instagram released new filters, they gave us Mayfair and Willow in 2012 — and a lot has changed since 2012, especially in the mobile-photography industry. I know quite a few people, myself included, who use third-party apps such as VSCOcam to edit their DSLR pictures before posting them on Instagram. So if you've ever had Instagram envy over the quality of someone else's Instagram picture, don't even sweat it.

In Instagram’s announcement, even they admit that “photography trends have evolved,” which is why they’ve added Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua to everyone's filter tray (as soon as you upgrade your app). According to Instagram, these filters “soften and subtly shift colors to achieve the look and feel you want for each photo.” Yeah, it’s a bit difficult to achieve the subtle look with Kelvin.

In addition to five new filters, Instagram has also made it easier to preview what your picture will look like with each filter, by providing a blurred preview of your selected photo in the filter tray. The new filter tray also allows you to select and rearrange the filters in whatever order you choose. For me — and everybody else who's a reasonable human being — that means goodbye forever, Kelvin. To manage your filter tray, just scroll all the way to end of it until you see the “Manage” button.

Instagram posted some lovely pictures along with the announcement to give us a preview of what the new filters would look like, but while they’re pretty, I think we need a more accurate portrayal of what the new filters will look like on our feeds. So here’s a look at the five new filters on the kind of picture you'll most likely see them on: a selfie.







What do you think? Ludwig is a bit too warm colored for me and I'm detecting a slight gradient on Perpetua. I'm going to go ahead and slide Aden to the top of my filter tray because so far it's my favorite of the new ones. But that's just me. I sent these selfies to a friend and she said all the new filters looked the same to her. Well then.

You can download Instagram iOS version 6.4.0 and Android version 6.12.0 today. Your mistletoe selfie is going to look so good in Crema.

Images: Doyin Oyeniyi (7)