15 New Year's Eve Party Decorations You Can Make Yourself, Because It's Always More Fun to Go the DIY Route

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New Year's Eve is the only day of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to wear more sequins than you can imagine would ever be necessary, throw around colorful confetti everywhere you go, and make everything around you glittery and/or metallic. In fact, it’s not only acceptable, it’s expected of you. So you better believe that if you’re hosting a New Year's Eve party, you need to put confetti and glitter on basically everything around your house. If it’s not sparkling or creating a mess that may cost you your vacuum, you’re not doing it right.

Whether you want help throwing the best New Year's party anyone has ever been to, or you want to make an awesome contribution to a party you’re going to (or you just want more glitter in your life — I’m not judging you), you need to check out these DIY ideas. They’re fun to create, and they’ll really help with that NYE celebration feeling. Here are 15 DIY ideas for the perfect New Year's Eve party.

Image: ABeautifulMess.com

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