Kate Middleton Looks Amazing In, Yes, A Hoodie

In today's edition of Life Really Isn't Fair At All, I bring you Kate Middleton in a hoodie. No, she was not slumming it grabbing a pizza and a Redbox movie to enjoy back at Kensington Palace with Wills and George. She was doing her royal duty by getting involved in a charity event. And, of course, she looks ***flawless.

Have I mentioned that life's not fair?

She wore the black zip-up to visit a Beaver Scout meeting last night in support of The Scout Association's Better Prepared campaign, which is geared toward "transforming young people’s lives in the UK’s 200 poorest areas," according to the organization's website. (Sidenote: how adorable is it that they're called Beaver Scouts?) She paired the hoodie with black jeans, knee-high black boots, and her signature brunette locks. Oh, and she donned the group's signature necktie for part of the night, even wearing it on her head for a hot second. And she still looked cool.

Good news, though, guys — this sweatshirt is available to us non-princesses, too. It comes in a few colors, but since Kate wore the black one, I want the black one. And her shiny hair. And her adorable son.

OK, I just want her whole life. Is that too much to ask?

Images: Instagram/@catherine_doc, @thecambridgespage, @clarencehouse, @katemiddletontheduchess